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How Coronavirus Is Eroding Privacy

Once the genie is out of the bottle, it never goes back in. A fundamental pillar of freedom is our privacy, which is why I have grave concerns with Big Tech attempting to “assist” government during this unique period. For those who have read George Orwell’s 1984, it’s a future we hope to never have. The advancements of Artificial Intelligence with Google, Apple, and others grabbing and sharing...

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Red Maryland Election Focus Podcast

Red Maryland presents Election Focus, a podcast featuring candidates running in the 2020 election cycle. On this installment, our interview with Jorge Delgado, a candidate for the US House of Representatives from Maryland’ s First Congressional District.The time for change is now. Maryland's 1st Congressional District is ready for fresh conservative leadership! If elected I will bring Energy,...

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Fire Fighters Endorse Delgado

Delgado for Congress today announced that the Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland is proud to endorse Republican Jorge Delgado’s campaign to unseat Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.

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Former Congressional Staffer Challenges Harris in GOP Primary

Jorge Delgado III, of Ocean City says he’s adept enough to national politics to know that “the system is broken.” He says the GOP needs more youth and diversity in its ranks in order to reach across the aisle where the Democratic ranks have swelled with a young and diverse insurgency.

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I need your help...

The time for change is now. Maryland’s 1st Congressional District is ready for fresh conservative leadership! If elected, I will bring Energy, Passion, and Grit to Congress and give us the strong voice we deserve.

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