“There’s no better case for term limits than my opponent’s legislative record over the past 10 Years.” ~ Jorge Delgado

Representing people is an honor and an opportunity to lead. It should not be squandered. Earning the People’s trust should yield real results, not just your name on a long list of members of Congress supporting someone else’s legislation.

Sadly, while Andy Harris supported term limits in 2013, he has actually done little during his 5-terms serving Maryland’s First District. The fact is, the only legislation Andy Harris sponsored in 10 years that was signed into law, was RENAMING ONE POST OFFICE. During these 10 years, he accumulated over $1.7M in a taxpayer funded salary. A record like that only highlights the critical need for term limits.

I SUPPORT TERM LIMITS as the most effective way to end the free ride being given to career politicians who squander their opportunity to lead and believe all members of the House of Representatives should be subject to term limits. Therefore, if elected, I pledge to serve no more than FOUR CONSECUTIVE TERMS in the House of Representatives and will do so regardless of whether or not a term limit provision for all members is adopted by the House.

I believe if eight years is good enough for a US president to fulfill the promise of their agenda, eight years should be good enough for any member of Congress to sponsor and pass meaningful and productive legislation for their district.

I need your help...

The time for change is now. Maryland’s 1st Congressional District is ready for fresh conservative leadership! If elected, I will bring Energy, Passion, and Grit to Congress and give us the strong voice we deserve.

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