Why I’m Running

The political climate in Washington has historically been toxic— but today we find ourselves in uncharted territory. The mainstream media’s liberal bias and double standard has fueled endless attacks and smears against our Commander-In-Chief and divided our country like never before. Knowing these realities, seeking public office is a serious decision, and not one my family took lightly. This is a moment in our history where the times demand strong vocal leaders willing to lead. This is a time when we need every elected Republican, particularly the ones in safe districts, to pull their own weight and not squander their opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. After carefully considering my opponent’s dismal record and hearing the disappointment of voters in our district, I weighed my policy experience working on Capitol Hill and decided the only way to change the status quo and give Republicans in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District a clear choice, was to challenge the incumbent.

Like millions of Trump supporters, the President’s election in 2016 was a pivotal moment in my life that continues to inspire me. Watching a Republican candidate throw out the Establishment GOP playbook, rekindle the American spirit, and energize millions of unwavering supporters into an unstoppable political movement, galvanized my disdain for politics-as-usual and the Deep State fake news echo chamber.

I have worked on Capitol Hill and seen The Swamp in action. The spirit of America is being threatened, while Socialism is banging at the door. 2020 will set the course of America for generations to come. President Trump needs the support of loud and proud conservative warriors that can fight for his America First agenda. I have the energy, passion, and grit to compete in today’s contentious political arena and, if elected, promise to be the strong conservative voice Maryland’s 1st Congressional District deserves.

I need your help...

The time for change is now. Maryland’s 1st Congressional District is ready for fresh conservative leadership! If elected, I will bring Energy, Passion, and Grit to Congress and give us the strong voice we deserve.

Please help us meet our fundraising goal with a $15 contribution.